How to get your music on Spotify for free, listed on the major online stores (iTunes, Amazon, Google Play etc.) and have radio airplay too.

So we had a song we were quite pleased with. It was recorded between both our homes with fairly simple setups. Once it was finished we had some great feedback early on but wondered how far could we push it ourselves as independent artists? Spotify, iTunes and the others, how can you list your music on them?

Keep reading for how we released our single on Spotify for free using Routenote. Plus had BBC Radio 1, BBC 6 Music play our song along with BBC local radio airplay AND what we learnt in the process.

This is currently a work in progress website, please bear with me and be nice!

Currently updating and improving it all the time.

Flexagon 21.12.16


Short background on this project is that I’m a DJ and producer (more info here and here). I write and release music as Flexagon in various psychedelic related genres and also record and mix music for other people.

Mike or Buff Hudd is the other half of this project. When he’s not experimenting with how many instruments he can play all by himself he’s also the main songwriter and singer in Buffalo Huddleston.

Both of us have our own followings in two very different areas of music and we had the ability to self record, mix and in this case master our own song – although I don’t actually recommend mastering your own material as it happens………………… 

The aim of this website is to show you a route to get your music on all the important music distribution sites and get radio play, along with a few tips to help you along the way. There are other ways to do it and although it worked for us I’m not going to lie and say that it translated into a huge amount of sales and the radio side was mainly down to the BBC’s excellent Introducing system that actively encourages and plays unsigned artists.

However you look at it, what we DID achieve though is to self record and release a single using affordable equipment that was played on two national radio stations AND had a worldwide release on all the popular on-line download and streaming music websites – all without spending a penny.

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