Freedom Fry – My Valentine (Single Review)

Freedom Fry‘s ‘My Valentine is a perfect slice of electronic pop music for my first review on Release My Song.

This duo is a new act to me but on closer reading incredibly successful for an independent band. The song popped into my view on Twitter through @ella_njoymusic – follow her for some great new music picks every day.

Opening with:-

“It’s February 14,
I’m sick of love,
I’m sick of being,
All alone, on my own, staring at my phone,”

The song continues on with a great juxtaposition of uptempo feel good sounds along with bitter sweet lyrics. I’d like to say as ALL great pop music does but I’ll have to coincide to this being merely what all the great pop music that I like does. All down to personal taste and so on.

I look forward to looking into Freedon Fry’s back catalogue and seeing what other music is there.

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Freedom-Fly-My-Valentine Freedom Fry - My Valentine (Single Review)

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