Autograf – Nobody Knows (Single Review)


Autograf – Nobody Knows.

This US act are new to me but certainly have a good following online.

There’s a super chilled start with just a piano, voice and synth. Then a simple beat comes in, introduced after the first verse. But it’s what happens after this that is quite special.

I’ve been around electronic music for a long time and I make trance. I’ve heard thousands of arpeggiated synth lines, but this one is quite special. Autograf drop an arpeggio into this track that is both beautiful and audacious. Ears not already turned on to brash synthesisers stepping up and down through broken chords, from either the 1980’s or too much time hanging with hippies in the 90’s, should still feel at home with this after the Stranger Things soundtrack was so well received.

It’s a fantastic atmospheric song and Autograf are about to tour, go see them!

Autograf-Nobody-Knows Autograf - Nobody Knows (Single Review)

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