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Jake Houlsby – Howl (Single Review)

Jake Houlsby – Howl

There was an initial flurry of amazing music dropping into my lap when I first started this little blog for mini music reviews. I only want share new music that connects with me and I genuinely like. But it’s been nearly a week since anything grabbed me despite following an eclectic mix of people, accounts, feeds etc.

Whilst listening to this weeks Listening Post for Tom Robinson’s BBC 6 Music show however one song leapt out.

As a package Howl contains the perfect mix of elements for me. Featuring high yet subtle production values, a relaxed and easy but convincing delivery of the song from Jake and great songwriting and structure. This is deep and atmospheric music that deserves to be heard far and wide.

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Jake-Houlsby-Howl Jake Houlsby – Howl (Single Review)

The Glass Children – Anything Else (Single Review)

The Glass Children – Anything Else

London duo The Glass Children pull off my favourite musical trick with their single ‘Anything Else’. They are dark, brooding yet uplifting all at the same time.

The subdued and reverb drenched electronic backing allows the sublime vocals of Daniella Kleovoulou space to really shine. Reflective and introspective verses lead into a simple but emotive chorus, with the music opening up in places, hinting at euphoria before pulling you back into an immersive and downtempo sound-scape.

Pretty much perfect. Check ’em out.

THe-Glass-Children-Anything-else The Glass Children – Anything Else (Single Review)

Rehearsed Living – Lights (Single Review)


Making all your material available for free is the ultimate way to put no barriers between you and people discovering your music. Wearing this approach on their sleeve in the notes on their social media accounts Sheffield’s Rehearsed Living popped into my soundcloud feed today with their catchy new song Lights.

This is another band that’s new to me and they fall squarely into the middle of what I’ll forever call Indie music. This song starts simply then builds into a synth driven chorus. The structure of the song is dynamically interesting and the synths sit perfectly against the rest of the instruments and vocals, that’s not always an easy trick to pull off.

My music review blog isn’t really here to offer criticism. Broadly at the moment I only want to share music that I like without getting into being a ‘critic’ and all the baggage that comes with it. That said, personally I think the guitar is slightly too loud and would loved to hear the vocal more.

Minor stuff and as always might just be me. The main thing is that it’s a great song and I love their approach.

Check ’em out.

Rehearsed-Living-Lights Rehearsed Living - Lights (Single Review)

Hoops – Rules (Single Review)

I’m a sucker for a hefty dose of chorus drenched jangly guitars, so having Hoops new single ‘Rules’ popping up in my soundcloud stream was a treat. It’s a definite retro sound for this Indiana based 4 piece and they feel very comfortable in that space.

Rules reminds me of some of the more melodic material the UK’s 4AD Records released in the 80’s and 90’s. The guitars soar and the vocals sit perfectly against the soundscape they’ve created. The whole thing has a delightful lo-fi aesthetic and I don’t really care if it’s a creative decision or accidental by-product of the production process. It sounds fantastic and familiar.

Hoops – “Rules”
Off their debut album, Routines, out May 5th on Fat Possum Records
Pre-order here:


Hoops-Rules Hoops - Rules (Single Review)

Autograf – Nobody Knows (Single Review)


Autograf – Nobody Knows.

This US act are new to me but certainly have a good following online.

There’s a super chilled start with just a piano, voice and synth. Then a simple beat comes in, introduced after the first verse. But it’s what happens after this that is quite special.

I’ve been around electronic music for a long time and I make trance. I’ve heard thousands of arpeggiated synth lines, but this one is quite special. Autograf drop an arpeggio into this track that is both beautiful and audacious. Ears not already turned on to brash synthesisers stepping up and down through broken chords, from either the 1980’s or too much time hanging with hippies in the 90’s, should still feel at home with this after the Stranger Things soundtrack was so well received.

It’s a fantastic atmospheric song and Autograf are about to tour, go see them!

Autograf-Nobody-Knows Autograf - Nobody Knows (Single Review)

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Snapchat: autografmusic

Freedom Fry – My Valentine (Single Review)

Freedom Fry‘s ‘My Valentine is a perfect slice of electronic pop music for my first review on Release My Song.

This duo is a new act to me but on closer reading incredibly successful for an independent band. The song popped into my view on Twitter through @ella_njoymusic – follow her for some great new music picks every day.

Opening with:-

“It’s February 14,
I’m sick of love,
I’m sick of being,
All alone, on my own, staring at my phone,”

The song continues on with a great juxtaposition of uptempo feel good sounds along with bitter sweet lyrics. I’d like to say as ALL great pop music does but I’ll have to coincide to this being merely what all the great pop music that I like does. All down to personal taste and so on.

I look forward to looking into Freedon Fry’s back catalogue and seeing what other music is there.

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Freedom-Fly-My-Valentine Freedom Fry - My Valentine (Single Review)