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Rehearsed Living – Lights (Single Review)


Making all your material available for free is the ultimate way to put no barriers between you and people discovering your music. Wearing this approach on their sleeve in the notes on their social media accounts Sheffield’s Rehearsed Living popped into my soundcloud feed today with their catchy new song Lights.

This is another band that’s new to me and they fall squarely into the middle of what I’ll forever call Indie music. This song starts simply then builds into a synth driven chorus. The structure of the song is dynamically interesting and the synths sit perfectly against the rest of the instruments and vocals, that’s not always an easy trick to pull off.

My music review blog isn’t really here to offer criticism. Broadly at the moment I only want to share music that I like without getting into being a ‘critic’ and all the baggage that comes with it. That said, personally I think the guitar is slightly too loud and would loved to hear the vocal more.

Minor stuff and as always might just be me. The main thing is that it’s a great song and I love their approach.

Check ’em out.

Rehearsed-Living-Lights Rehearsed Living - Lights (Single Review)

Hoops – Rules (Single Review)

I’m a sucker for a hefty dose of chorus drenched jangly guitars, so having Hoops new single ‘Rules’ popping up in my soundcloud stream was a treat. It’s a definite retro sound for this Indiana based 4 piece and they feel very comfortable in that space.

Rules reminds me of some of the more melodic material the UK’s 4AD Records released in the 80’s and 90’s. The guitars soar and the vocals sit perfectly against the soundscape they’ve created. The whole thing has a delightful lo-fi aesthetic and I don’t really care if it’s a creative decision or accidental by-product of the production process. It sounds fantastic and familiar.

Hoops – “Rules”
Off their debut album, Routines, out May 5th on Fat Possum Records
Pre-order here: smarturl.it/Hoops.Routines

Tickets: bit.ly/Hoops_Tour


Hoops-Rules Hoops - Rules (Single Review)