Targeting Music Blogs – The taste makers for the 21st century.

Music Blogs, the music taste makers in the 21st century and a force to be reckoned with?

One song placed with the right blogs and 1000’s of followers will be clicking like mad on your social media profiles.

Well maybe, but blogs didn’t work for us.

I’m too close to this project to have a decent perspective on it. I have my theories why not and we’re not put off trying again next time.

We googled around the subject and well before the single release date I made a spreadsheet of blogs that seemed plausible candidates for our (unique?) style of music. A lot of the ones I came across would only accept submissions through a website called submithub


Have a look yourself but basically submithub acts as a filter inbetween blogs and record labels and tries to reduce the crazy amount of submissions that I’m sure they get. Submit hub achieves this in two main ways. Firstly their free service only allows you to contact 2 blogs every 4 hours. Secondly you can only submit to blogs within genres they accept. You could of course lie in the information you give but ask yourself if a Grime blog is actually likely to play your Trad. Folk stylings? There are plenty of blogs with a wide range of accepted music.

Submithub also offers a paid service which gains a couple of interesting extra features. as long as you keep paying you loose the 2 submission per hour limitation, along with this you get feedback on your song if it’s not accepted by the particular blog you submit to. You get your money back if you use the paid service and the blogs don’t post or review.

Show us the money!

Now it’s really cheap, £0.50 or there abouts per submission if you only dip your toe in the water like we did. As promised feedback was received and just like the failed free submissions we’d already had under our belt no blogs wanted us. Here’s some real examples.

“Thanks for your submission. Nice dancy beat! Unfortunately, i don’t like the vocals that much

“I don’t really know what to think about it. Fine voice, but I don’t feel the arrangement.”

And so they went on with seemingly each email contradicting the previous one. Now we’ve both been involved with music and gigs etc. for a long time so criticism is something we’re used to one way or another but it’s usually pretty consistent and more constructive than this was. Each email is of course one person’s opinion and as such is perfectly valid, the one sentence they are ‘contracted’ to provide doesn’t really have a lot of room for deep and incisive opinions either.

Verdict? For us? Well we will use the free part of submithub again. Free is a good price, so no reason not to. But won’t pay for the service at all next time. No blogs were interested in us and the feedback too random to be of any use.

Blogs not of this world

A coupld of extra things to add here, the only blogs I actually follow are Tom Girard’s on wordpress and @ella_njoymusic on Twitter.

The blogs listed on Submithub weren’t alone in turning us down. The others I contacted via email weren’t interested either. This is the first time I’ve had an actual SONG to try and promote. Also the first time I’ve stepped out of my usual electronic psychedelic music and DJ circle.

NOW of course I’m putting my own mini reviews on this site. What I put up is going to be difficult for some acts to second guess. You have to know me pretty well to learn what to miss out in-between folk and flat out psy music…………………….

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